synth give2

[there’s also a pedal giveaway here…]

To celebrate the upcoming, FREE L.A. Synth & Pedal Expo, we put together a synth giveaway for the ages, with an aggregate prize worth over $3,000!

Here’s the list of prizes in alphabetical order:

  1. Arturia Microbrute Creation ($299) – Analog Synth
  2. Elektron Digitone ($739) – 8 Voice FM Synth
  3. IK Multimedia UNO ($199) – Analog Synth
  4. KORG Minilogue ($519) – Analog Synth
  5. Novation Bass Station II ($439) – Analog Synth
  6. Pioneer DJ Toraiz AS-1 ($499) – Monophonic Analog Synth
  7. Waldorf Blofeld ($500) Digital Desktop Synth
  8. Eventide Euro DDL ($399) Eurorack Delay


This is what you need to do to participate in this giveaway:

A. Tag TWO synth lovers you know based in the Los Angeles area in the comment section of this Facebook post OR this Instagram post.

B. Enter your email address in the form below.

That’s it, and may the luckiest win!