This year’s Brooklyn Synth and Pedal Expo, scheduled for June 8-9, will feature for the first time a series of presentations and workshops, curated in collaboration with

ATTENTION! Events in the Workshop Room require RSVP directly at the event!

Here’s the schedule:


Workshop Room
12:00 PM IK Multimedia – Presenting the UNO Drum
1:00 PM 343 – Class: Integrating Hardware Synthesizers with a DAW for Live Performance
2:00 PM Roland – TR-8S Masterclass
3:00 PM Spectrasonics – Making Killer Bass Patches in Omnisphere 2.6
4:00 PM Pioneer DJ – The new Toraiz SQUID
5:00 PM ROLI Product Presentation

Live Stage
2:00 PM ROLI – MPE and the new frontiers of expression
3:00 PM Gamechanger – Presenting the Motor Synth – RSVP here
4:00 PM STEM Modular – Eurorack for beginners workshop – RSVP Here

6:30 PM Lisa Bella Donna Live – Sponsored by Moog and EarthQuaker Devices – RSVP Here

SUNDAY 06.09

Workshop Room
12:00 PM Lisa Bella Donna Mixing pedals and synths
1:00 PM Novation – Presenting the SUMMIT
2:00 PM Arturia – Presenting the MicroFreak
3:00 PM Yamaha – Understanding FM synthesis
4:00 PM 343 – Creative Software Synthesis Techniques in Practice

Live Stage
10.00 PM Pedal Builders Panel + Networking
12:00 PM Eurorack Patch and Tell – RSVP Here
1:00 PM Eurorack Patch and Tell – RSVP Here
2:00 PM STEM Modular Eurorack for intermediate synthesists – RSVP Here
3:00 PM Sensel – Product Presentation