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To give back to the world of pedal manufacturers that – through the Stompbox Exhibits – has helped us support everything we do for emerging bands and artists, here at Delicious Audio/The Deli we decided to start selling pedals through this very blog, also based on the fact that it’s performing so well on Google Searches!

The plan is to use affiliate programs with Main Drag Music, Sam Ash and Reverb.com (who have all been supportive of our events) and, on top of that,  also start buying pedals directly from small manufacturers through contests linked to our Stompbox Exhibits. We are starting small, but we are looking to grow slowly by adding more and more manufacturers/stock with each new event.

The first contest of this kind will be launched at the upcoming Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit: we’ll poll the attendees at the exit of Main Drag Music, and the small manufacturers that get the most thumbs up will get an order between $400 and $500. The pedals ordered will be part of Delicious Audio’s stock but they will be also on display and for sale at Main Drag Music. Money made from pedals sold will be immediately reinvested in new pedals from the same manufacturer.

In 2016 we had about a dozen small manufacturers involved in the  eBrooklyn event, therefore the odds of winning are going to be pretty high!

Paolo De Gregorio