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“Very satisfied. I feel that it went very smoothly including setup, and was happy with the turnout. The attendees seemed very engaged the whole time. This felt more organized and streamlined than previous Synth Expo events I have attended. Keep up the good work, Overall it was a great event and a pleasure to participate!” – Nick, Moog

“Participating in the Montreal Synth Expo was a great experience for Radikal Technologies. The event was expertly organized and prepared in loving detail. Great choice of location. Loads of friendly visitors actually interested in new Synths and Euroracks! We definitely enjoyed our time meeting new people and making new fans. Even among the exhibitors you could feel a strong sense of community. Two enthusiastic thumbs up! See you there next year.” – Jurgen, Radikal

“I had a really great time working this event. The space was fantastic and I had zero issues to speak of. I think our setup (headphones with each unit) worked perfectly given the table size/positioning. If we had speakers/mixer or were looking to present our machines synced up then we may have needed more space. I had people at most of the machines at my table for the majority of each day. The space felt full at times but never uncomfortable. The attendees at our booth ranged from people looking for their first piece of gear to power users and artists/industry members, but everyone was respectful and took all of the gear seriously! It was great to interface with such a broad spectrum of people. I really appreciated the brunch on Sunday and the integration with the rest of Mutek.” – Joseph, Elektron

“We had a great time at this event. This was our first show in Canada and you made it very smooth so thank you again. Location was perfect. The Red Bulls were a great touch, kept us energized! Traffic was as predicted, and everyone who came by was so kind and not afraid to ask questions. We had everyone who didn’t know what Omnisphere was to people who had specific questions. Overall it was great to learn about the needs our of users and share our knowledge with them.” – Roger, Spectrasonics

“For this first Sonic Circuits MUTEK event there was a great turnout, was organized well, and the venue was awesome. It’s really great you make the event free, and it was cool you included the Modular Mondays guys and had them perform.” – Keven, Zlob Modular

“I really love your events. They always seem to pull a great crowd of the right type of customer. I experienced zero issues. The staff was always eager to assist. The venue was great. The overall vibe of the vent was very fun and the vendor participation is very good. I really hope to be a part of as many as I can!” – Matt, Pioneer DJ

“We were really pleased with our experience at Sonic Circuits. Everyone who worked with us put a tremendous amount of care and attention into the event. Everything was very professionally organized, and there was great consideration given to our goals and priorities. […] We generated a great deal of interest in the Morph and we were able to make contact with a fantastic group of people. We’re already having conversations about what would be the best strategy for next year.” – Kevin, Sensel

“Great show! It’s really impressive to see all the Synth and pedal manufactures in one place. It’s is a unique show dedicated to the synth and pedal fans which offers an in depth look on new technology!” – Kurtis, Intellimix (Behringer and Waldorf)

“Our visit in Montreal was a great success. MOOG is now selling our modules in Canada and we had very positive reactions at the show.” – Joerg, Radikal

“The event was awesome (great support from you), lots of traffic on Saturday, more quiet on Sunday but still very good. I was expecting more ‘weirdos’ but surprisingly there weren’t many! The layout of the venue was nice, I can’t think of anything negative, really.” – Sylvain, Novation

“I thought it was a great show actually. It was busy, but with very qualified visitors. It was a great location too. I look forward to next year!” – Eric, Eventide

“We felt it was a really great show. We loved the space we took over. I really hope that you do this in the same space next year as I would like to reserve that space for HHB Canada again!” – Dave Misener, HHB (Modal, Universal Audio)

“I am satisfied with the event. Attendance was good, better on Sunday then Saturday day. As for quality of attendees, overall was good…we’ll see what it brings in the coming days and weeks.” – Greg, SolidGoldFX

“Participating in the first edition of MUTEK and Delicious Audio’s Sonic Circuits was a blast! Met so many talented and passionate people all in one weekend, what can I say, we are greatful to have had this opportunity. We are definitely looking forward to next year’s event!” – Dan, Screwed Circuitz

“Everything went super well for me (and for ModularMondays). Plenty of people in attendance but it never felt cramped or crowded. All of our technical requirements were taken care of and we lacked for nothing at all. Congrats to you for this first in Montréal and I hope to see you again next year!” – Ismail, Modular Mondays