Toronto Pedal Synth

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“We had a terrific time at the Expo. We were very satisfied with the event and appreciated the diverse patronage. It was great to see all age groups and types of people coming through. Everything was good organizationally on our end, no complaints.” – Scott, Moog

“Turnout was great, venue was in a great location, setup was smooth (besides a little freak-out on some initially missing gear which was later found). Moog Audio was a great partner to work with. […] I’ve never seen so many guitars plugged into boards at the same time. Almost every board was constantly plugged into. Often times there was a lineup at our pedal boards to give them a test drive. Attendees were very diverse.. young, older, male, female.. there was a great mix of people.” – Shawn Cabral, SFM/Pioneer DJ

“I think the number of people and quality of interactions both were really good […] the event was very enjoyable […] We did not sell at the event but I heard Moog Audio got some orders in.” – Daniel, Ashun Sound Machines

“I thought it was a really good show, very busy. Great work on putting the show together. I look forward to the next event.” Erik, Eventide

“Organization: 10/10. Logistics: All good. The vibe was good and we were happy with the traffic generated. Looking forward to the next one.” – Andy, B&J Music (Roli, ASM)

“Overall the event was good. The venue was nice and spacious. Sales were good. We made 10 sales if you combine purchases at the event and people who used the coupon code later which was distributed at the event.” – Scott, Montreal Assembly

“There was clearly some good advertising behind it, as the booth was busy the whole day Saturday […] attendance was great […] we sold 10 pedals. Having the clinics is a smart idea to keep people there.” – Hamish, Southtampton Pedals

“This event was amazing! Looking forward to next year’s event. Many thanks for making this happen!” – Dan, Screwed Circuits

“I was pleased with the event. It seemed to run smoothly overall. I had a good number of visitors to my table, and they were interested in my products. I passed out just over 100 of my advertising stickers, which seems like a good fraction of the total attendance. The visitors covered a wide range from those who’d never seen a modular synthesizer before at all, up to current Eurorack hobbyists who already had some familiarity with my product line. The headphones-only rule was wise.” – Matthew, North Coast Synthesis

“I was satisfied with the event, it was a little slow on Sunday […] the crowds were great on Saturday. […] I thought this venue was nicer with the higher ceilings” – Gabriel, Golden Hawk Distribution