Here’s the rep feedback about the 2018 edition of the Austin Stompbox Exhibit and Synth Expo, pictures of the event can be found here.

I thought the event was great. The environment was a little crazy/noisy but hey…that’s SXSW, right? Maybe a little more space between displays for people to maneuver would help. Other than that…it was great. Glad we were there. – Tony Escueta, Yamaha

It was lots of fun. Appreciated connecting with real customers and enthusiasts. The traffic was very good. – Devon Hughes, Elektron

The experience was great, the foot traffic was heavy and consistent the whole time. The new room was OK. I felt that the synth section was pretty slammed into a corner maybe a bit more wiggle room next time would be nice. Very good traffic, better and busier than the 2017 event. – Henrique Martinze, Novation

I thought the event went smoothly overall–setup, communication, layout, promotion, teardown etc. were all handled well. I’d say foot traffic was very good–not sure what I expected but I’ll say it was just right. Very pleased with how it went compared to last year–I’d say the location, foot traffic, air conditioning made for a better overall experience. – Sylvie Demers, Red Panda

I enjoyed the interactions with like minded people. Very good traffic. – Mario Hernandez, Elektron

The set-up, breakdown, and support was very good. I liked the free beer! Coming direct from the airport, having access to a proper bathroom at the event saved my life…  The attendees were great; and I had a very good time interacting w them and my fellow vendors. I think there still needs to be more diversity with this event. Overall great guests, but there could have been more traffic. – Mark DeNardo, Teenage Engineering

The turnout was great. As far as the feedback, most of the attendees did not know Pioneer Dj made a sampler or synth. Others thought I was with Dave Smith Instruments since that was the name they saw and recognized. Once people used the products they were very impressed and surprised with Pioneer Dj. – Carmelo Figueroa

It went well, the traffic was better than last year – Scott, MTL Assembly

I had a great time. Thanks for having me. It was good to meet everyone, and get to be part of the community. It was great to be able to check out a wide variety of product, from the little guys to brands like Ibanez and Digitech, etc. Having a face to face conversation with the player is the best way to know if what we are doing is working. It also gives a chance to the end user to see things that might not be in their local store.
I thought the traffic was good, and the room had a nice flow. Space is a premium at an event like this, and it was well managed. It was more than I expected. – Emery Fry, Ibanez

The traffic was beyond my expectations. The first day especially was phenomenally busy. – Andy Pitcher, Pigtronix

I had a blast at this event. There was consistent traffic at the booth for most of the show, so no complaints there. I’ve been trying to think of more specific feedback or things that could be improved for next year, but honestly the show went really smoothly for me! I got to talk to a lot of people that were checking out our stuff for the first time which is always cool, and I think I made a few really good contacts. I’m definitely looking forward to the next one. – Mike Mastel, Chase Bliss Audio