[See pictures of the Portland Synth & Pedal Expo here and here, more videos here and here]

“WOW.. Just Wow. With the pressing care/concern of the outbreak, and the initiation of the social distancing there was a little concern on whether or not the Synth Expo would 1. Be held. 2. Have any attendees… Then the doors opened, and the venue was packed all day!”

“Some numbers differ but there were between 995 – 1252 people through the expo on a rainy Saturday. The venue was at capacity and people were willing to wait in line to enter. The event brought in all facets of the Portland, OR musical scene including some of my dealer friends (5 Star guitar, Guitar Centaur, Control Voltage, etc..) artists friends (Chris Funk – Decemberists, Paul Barker – Ministry, etc…) promoters, and consumers alike. […] There were multiple sales throughout the day and Control Voltage was at the helm of getting the customers needs fulfilled. One of our competitors who has done multiple expos expressed: “This is by far the best turn out and reception of any of these I’ve done before.” – Colin, KORG

“From our perspective, the show was smooth and stress-free! The turnout was incredible – hats off to you and your publicity. I know there were people who decided not to wait in line and so they didn’t end up coming in. A bigger venue would have reduced that line, but I don’t think that wouldn’t have changed the numbers at our table. The fact that headphone use only was the policy made for an unexpectedly enjoyable time. […] There were plenty of people checking out our products and we did give out many business cards, stickers and fliers. It was non-stop, in fact. Telling attendees to bring their guitars and headphones was brilliant. Also having those Harmony guitars available was fantastic.” – Paul Barker, Malekko Heavy Industry

“The event overall was fantastic. The turn out was more than expected. I was packed all day and with qualified people who are our customer base. The event space was a cool spot, great vendors, and great vibe. I think it was done well, organized, no issues at all. We got a few sales out of the event.” – Colin, Arturia

“Excellent event as I mentioned the day of. Generally, the people who came were of good nature. […] Sales were much more than I expected.” – Jack, Mr. Black Pedals

“Traffic and quality of attendees were all fantastic. Everyone was very respectful about letting others try the machines and most if not all tables and the venue had hand sanitizer available.” – Taylor, Elektron

“This event was smaller in a way but a MUCH bigger feel. It was well organized with a heightened sense of purpose and concern during this crazy time [Coronavirus reference]. Traffic was killer. It would be interesting to create a red rope style for future events. the line was effective and created unique visitors.” – Randy, Harmony Guitars

“Very Satisfied. Super curated, everyone was into it, probably the best one yet!” – Enrique, Novation

“It was all fun. I made my money back, and this is actually a rare thing for me personally, to make money back from gigs… I think it’s because i had these green square Tocante surplus, that i could mark it down from $420 online to $100, and that was the real ticket, to have something people could take away for 100 square.[…] The salon was cool, i felt perfectly at home in the sofa environment, to do my presentation. so thanks!” – Pete from Ciat-Lonbarde

“I was very satisfied with the event. The foot traffic was constant, and a lot of people hadn’t heard of the Sensel Morph, which is ideal. We’re there to reach people after all! We sold a few units.” – Peter, Sensel

“The Vibe was great and we had everything we needed for a successful show. The Roland table was full and had people waiting in line to try the gear. Everyone was enjoying the gear and asked questions and let me demo as needed. We did sell a couple of items and it was great to have Control Voltage there with a new product to sell to the customer.”  – Scott, Roland

“I had a very good time. Traffic was well regulated and was always comfortable. A good amount of attendees in total. Overall your events have been very well organized – better than most!” – Andrew, SSF

“I was super happy with the way the event turned out! I think for Eurorack in general, just having that many people in the building at once helps as all of our brands are very niche and only really applicable to a certain segment of the crowd at any given time. Everything else seemed to happen without a hitch -we were able to route and share power no problem and though it was a little odd at first, the bar top worked pretty well as a display table!” – Ryan, Acid Rain Technology

“[It] was a great event. I thought things went well all around. It would have been nice to have a bigger space and some drinks!” – Jeannot, 4ms

“We were very satisfied with the event. There was a good mix of small, medium and large companies represented. I think this really helps with the draw. The price for the table was great, similar to Knobcon. Traffic was constant and at maximum for our ability to talk to everyone that had questions. Good thing we had 2 people with two demos! […] We could not have spoken with any more people than we did.” – Darryl, Conductive Labs

“Overall, I was pleased with the event. […]I thought the traffic was pretty steady all day and the people who attended were enthusiastic. Once the doors opened, I didn’t leave my table all day. Being on the stage could have been bad except attendees had to walk past unto get to Roland…so it worked out well for us!” – Steve, 1010 Music

“I enjoyed the event. The traffic definitely exceeded my expectations as did sales. I thought it was well run and you seemed on hand at all times for any questions. I look forward to getting to the show in LA!” – Joe Parker Pedals

“The Portland event was great and I had lots of fun. […] As for the turnout, it was impressive but it seemed like the guitar section was a bit more consistently busy than the Eurorack section… again, to be expected.” – Alex, WMD

“It was a great show and experience. It went far better and was busier than I expected.” – John, PlugInGuru

“It was much better than I expected, I’m very glad that I came, very satisfied. […] I was totally surprised by how many showed up. […] Thanks again, I look forward to doing another one when I am able.” – Ted, Surfy Industries

“I thought the event was great and went pretty smooth. I hadn’t been to one before and didn’t know what to expect and I thought it was great.” – Jason, Centaur Guitars