Here’s some of the feedback we had about the 2016 edition of the Brooklyn Synth Expo (check out the coverage on Synthopia and MatrixSynth, and this video of the event by elevtrtrax.com):


“[Traffic was] great, seemed like the booth was packed the whole time! Everything ran smoothly, [strengths were] marketing, ability to draw a crowd.” – Andrew Stryffeler (Moog)

“[It was] VERY busy (a lot more than I expected) […]  I think it was one of the simplest, yet effective shows that I’ve been apart of. – Casey Stevens (Novation)

“This was a well-advertised event that brought many people in the tri-state together to check out the newest tech in the synth industry. […]  The sheer amount of people that told me they came to Synth Expo *specifically* for these machines floored me.” Amos Damon (Arturia)

“[It was] very packed! Seemed like there was at least a thousand total.  Strengths were the variety of companies and great atmosphere. – Peter Brown (Roland)

“We were very happy with the amount of traffic at our table. […] I loved the general atmosphere. Everyone is very friendly, and clearly the interest is there in the public.” – Nick Kwas (Korg)

“Traffic was awesome. To see that many synth geeks, (potential customers), at one time in one place was simply awesome. […] The fact that there was a community feel, the fact that “hands-on” access was the reason to be there. […] Whatever you are doing to get people to come out… keep doing it! From my end, things went smoothly and were handled professionally.” – Phil Clendeninn (Yamaha)

“Very good [traffic] and better than last time I feel. [I loved the] grass roots connection and interesting stuff on display.” – Daniel Troberg (Elektron)

“[Traffic was] much higher than last year. I saw more product being sold. It’s a very good time for a synth convention.” – Richard Formidoni (Casio)

“[Traffic was]  very heavy, tons of people and consistent flow from start to finish. Another plus is that they were very engaged and seeking knowledge about gear. Everything was as said and easy to find /facilitate. […] being headphone only […] and being able to share traffic between booths easily were a great plus! – Enrique Martinez (Novation)

“I had a great time at the expo! i ran into and made some synth friends. good demos, and i sold some stuff (:” – Lucas Crane (BASTL)

“The level of traffic seemed perfect really. I was very happy with the exposure.” – Eric from Landscape