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“In terms of traffic and quality of attendees, I would grade this event highly. I was shocked by the number of attendees. And they were legitimate potential customers. They knew their stuff. The overall vibe was notably relaxing, due in part to the complete lack of loudspeakers (great idea, in my opinion).” – Matthew, IK Multimedia

“Incredible as always! It was super busy from start to finish both days. I’m very happy with how many people showed up. So happy it was in LA this time. It brought a whole different crowd to the event.” – Enrique, Novation

“This show was excellent! Great traffic, wasn’t too loud, wifi/data was good (thank you!!!!). Sales were good since we did a discount this year, the breakfast was great!” – Noah, Death By Audio

“It was a great event and had lots of exposure.  I would count this one as a success for us for sure. Saturday was very busy; Sunday was even more so for the Synth Expo part of the show. The rep breakfast on Sunday was a giant hit for everyone!” – Keith, Line 6

“2018 LA Synth Expo was a great success in my opinion. There was a lot of traffic without the problem of getting too packed. The location was great and very spacious. It was nice having a building with A/C as the weekend was a bit warm. Parking wasn’t an issue and navigating to location was painless. There was no problem with Wi-Fi connection, or power distribution. Overall my favorite Synth Expo so far.” – Mario, Elektron

“The show today was incredible, hundreds of visitors. Everyone I interacted with could not have been nicer. They asked a lot of questions and were very engaged and curious about what the offerings were. I really liked this venue and the turnout was great! ” – AJ Peat

“Very satisfied, I was slammed. Quality of attendee was relatively high as well. Knowledgeable players with good gear, things ran very smoothly.” – John, One Control/Outlaw FX/Animals Pedal

“It’s going extremely well […]. The room has been consistently full throughout the day. Many people bringing their own guitar and basses but a lot of people have been using the demo guitars as well.” – Clint, Deep Space Devices

“Very happy, much better than last year, very consistent both days, lots of people. Also the caliber of people was much better. More musician, artists and studio people.” – Yosef,  Massive FX

“Went really well today, good space, good flow without being crowded!” – Sylvie, Red Panda Labs

“The event went really well. Traffic for both days seemed to be pretty consistent and it seemed like a good turn out. It was absolutely worthwhile too participate again. We always get great feedback from those attending and it’s a great environment for networking as well.” – Dave, API Audio

“This event was a great time as always. The space it was in this year was excellent. I always try to rack my brain and think of some constructive feedback or things that I would change about the shows for these emails, but honestly I think you guys are doing a really great job, and I am always excited to be able to participate.”  – Mike, Chase Bliss Audio

“We had a great time at this one. I thought attendance was great. Saturday was a little busier than Sunday, but there was never any lull in people coming by. ” – Jeff, Eventide

“We got some new followers on Instagram and some orders too during the last days because of  [the LA Stompbox Exhibit], so we’re really really grateful for what you did.” – Andrea, AC Noises [not attending with a rep]

“Overall I thought the event went well, I was able to give demos and get feedback that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Definitely worth attending, in my opinion. Seemed to stay pretty busy for the most part, and the crowd seemed pretty young and diverse which is very cool.” – Riley, Seymour Duncan

“It went really well. Rep breakfast was a great idea and I loved having time to hang with everyone.” – Terry, Meris

“Attendance was good, it was great to be exposed to a crowd that we don’t normally see. It’s an easy show for us to participate in, because you pack up a pedalboard and then boom, you’re ready to go.” – Kyle Cardenas, Line 6

“Overall satisfied. The headphone demos are a great format! It makes it so much easier to have a conversation. The atmosphere was relaxed, and attendees were enthusiastic about the gear.” – Marisa, Neunaber Audio

“I would say on a scale of 1-10, this was a solid 7.5. Traffic was just great. Very solid and consistent. The venue was good, albeit challenging with parking and power issues. The organization was good and attentive.” – Michael, Lounsberry Pedals

“It was a good show. Our table was consistently busy with people trying out and asking question about the gear. Most did seem entree level.” – Roland rep

“The LA Synth Expo was great ! Loved the breakfast formula, and the menu site. You can count us in for all other events!” Louis, – Expressive E

“I thought it went well and was quite fun for everybody. ” – Matthew, Eventide

“I couldn’t attend but Keith said it was a really nice show. Look forward to doing more!” – Nate, Yamaha

“Max reported that the show went well. Good attendance, easy setup and good help.” – Peter, Sensel

“The show was a good time, everyone seemed to have fun.” – Ed, Rabbit Hole FX