Since we started publishing our very specific pedal shopping guides in December 2016, these interactive, informational guides to niche effects types have quickly climbed key internet searches: almost all the ones we published so far are already on top of these very common Google searches, check it out (feel free to Google these yourself or click on the link):

Best Tone Bender Clone/Pedal – we are #1
Best Fuzz Face Clone/Pedal – we are #1
Best Analog Delay Pedals – we are #1
Best Multi-Mode Delay Pedals – we are #1
Best Tube Screamer Clone – we are #1
Best RAT Clone – we are #1
Best Klon clones – we are #2
Best D-Style pedals – we are #1
Best Plexi pedals – we are #1
Best Ring Modulator Pedals – we are #1
Best Reverb Pedals (we are #3)
Best Delay Pedals (we are #3)
Best Amp Modeling Pedals (we are #2)
Best vintage pedal circuits – we are #1
Best Rotary Pedals – we are #1
Best Ambient Reverb Pedals – we are #1
Best Uni-Vibe pedals – we are #3
Best Spring Reverb pedals – we are #2
Best Mini Delay Pedals
– we are #1
Best Tape Delay Pedals – we are #1
Best Multi-Mode Reverb Pedals – we are #1
(also works for “Multi-verb pedals”)
Best Mini Compressor Pedals – we are #1
Best Glitch Pedals – we are #1
Best Chorus Pedals – we are #3


(If you replace the word “Best” with “Top” or “Compare,” or the word “Pedals” with “Effects” you’ll get similar results)

This is evergreen content that is bringing a lot of traffic to our site, and we constantly create new pages and update old ones when we find about pedals we forgot to include (feel free to email paolo.dg -at- if you think one of your pedals should be in one of those lists).


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