Here are excerpts from the feedback synth reps left for the Brooklyn Synth Exhibit 2018. Pretty glowing reviews overall – needless to say, we’ll make sure we’ll have better AC and WiFi next year!

I really enjoyed the show, and I felt we had some really great engagement from the people there. The traffic felt nice and the space was full the whole time. There was a good cross-section of both experts and newcomers to synthesis there. The addition of the pedal show was a good idea, I definitely interfaced with a lot of guitar players that were primarily there to look at pedals. – Nick from Moog

It is always a great experience to be a part of this expo, it gets better by the year! There were times where the traffic was a bit overwhelming. No exposure is bad exposure, though. Our booth was constantly filled with participants who had a lot of great questions.  The North Brooklyn location is perfect, given that the locals are very involved and the music scene in the area is very vibrant. – Amos from Arturia

I felt the overall experience was very positive. We (Yamaha) got a chance to present products to a ton of customers who do not normally get to see our products.  The traffic was excellent – constant and qualified. – Phil from Yamaha

We were very happy with this year’s Synth Expo. It was well attended and we had a great time talking with new and interesting people.
– Chris from Critter & Guitari

I was very happy with this event. The traffic was heavy, super busy all day from start to finish, and combining the stompbox exhibit with the synth expo is a great idea! – Enrique from Novation

It was an amazing chance to meet an enthusiastic and diverse group of synth enthusiasts. I was absolutely blown away by the quality and quantity of attendees, and I think the show generated some great online buzz as well. We look forward to attending future shows – Daniel, IK Multimedia

Thumbs up, both days well attended.  Last year’s venue was more comfortable, but I talked to double the customers per day this year. You are a hard working, even-tempered organizer and that goes a long way towards gaining vendor loyalty and creating an effective event – Gerry from Dave Smith Instrument

Great neighborhood for the event, huge improvement over Williamsburg, – loved the foot traffic, good plan to combine events with synths and pedals! – Nick from KORG USA

The experience was great. Lots of people engaged with our products, the traffic for this event was very impressive. The communication and organization was good. – Hector from PioneerDJ

Quite simply, I was very satisfied with the turnout and format. The event allowed us to introduce the Touché to a very targeted audience, much like a very cool podcast. Awesome work, looking forward to participating again. – Louis from ExpressiveE

“Very good [traffic] and better than last time I feel. [I loved the] grass roots connection and interesting stuff on display.” – Daniel Troberg (Elektron)

Good show, constant flow of traffic on Saturday. Significantly slower traffic on Sunday, but I was satisfied with the number of people who played with our synths. – Daniel from Roland