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The obvious…

  • Space for your board and, with a manned plan, for a rep behind it for two days.
  • Amp emulation device (you can bring your own) and quality studio headphones for the duration of the show.
  • About 1k pedal loving attendees throughout the weekend!

…and the not so obvious!

  • Opportunity to demo your pedals privately in the store’s two iso booths (10-minute slots per manufacturer, up to 10 slots allowed per weekend).
  • $20 Vouchers for 100 attendees, to be applied to purchases of participating pedals.
  • Online coverage on our recently revamped, pedal focused blog Delicious Audio (25k visitors per month), which because of this is quickly becoming one of the most popular blogs focused on guitar effects.
  • Print coverage in our magazine focused on the community of emerging NYC musicians that goes in all the rehearsal studios/music stores in the NYC area – the issue linked to the stompbox exhibit (here’s last year’s one) is entirely dedicated to local bands that play through pedals, and features content by Gearphoria.
  • Free pizza and beer/soda for the reps on Saturday at lunch time. Free bagels on Sunday.
  • Opportunity to sell your pedals direct if Main Drag doesn’t carry them.
  • A LOT of photos on social media (mostly Facebook).
  • Sometimes you can get a pedalboard for free just by participating!