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Jan 17, 2017

Ottobit Jr. by Meris

Our friends at Pedals and Effects just premiered a new pedal by a Los Angeles based manufacturer called Meris that’s been making waves mostly for its pro audio 500 series products. This is the second pedal the company develops after a series 500 device, the first one being the Mercury 7 Reverb.

The pedal is called Ottobit Jr. and it’s presented as a ‘a maniacal little machine, inspired by vintage gaming consoles’ – or, if you wish, an 8-bit pedals on steroids.

This baby has a lot of options on its front panel to mess with, so much so that it almost feels like a mini synths rather than a (biggish) stompbox.

You can find more details about the many features here, but if you want to hear how it sounds, just hit play on the video below by Pedals and Effects.