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Aug 11, 2021

Oneder Effects Red Ryder Distortion

The Oneder Red Ryder is a RAT-inspired, made-in-Michigan distortion pedal with a few tricks up its sleeve.

Hosting the LM308 chip found in the vintage RAT pedals, its compact case sports a series of controls that allow expanding the venerable distortion’s tone in various ways.

The pedal has a more amp-like sound than the original RAT, and features two clipping modes selectable via the toggle switch: stock Asymmetrical Silicon diode  (up position) and the louder and crunchier LED diode clipping (down position).

The two smaller knobs control the Wet/Dry Blend of clean and distorted signal and the Pre-Gain Low End. More info can be found in the manual!

Hear the sound of the Oneder Effects Red Ryder Distortion in the video below.

Red Ryder Distortion Pedal!
-Loaded with the mythical LM308 chip like a vintage Rat, but tuned to be more amp-like
-Switch from Asymmetrical Silicon Diode clipping (up) to the more crunchy and loud LED diode clipping
-Weight contour for pre-gain low end control
-Wet/Dry Blend Control to emulate using two different amps in a bass rig, to add clarity to your signal, or to blend with other pedals (and it lights up!)
-True Bypass
-Top Mounted Jacks
-Softer-Click Footswitch
-Laser-etched acrylic faceplate for retro feel and durability

Requires a standard 9v center negative 2.1 barrel connector power supply (not included.) Isolated DC power supply recommended. No battery snap.