Posted by
Paolo De Gregorio
Apr 3, 2018

The Warble Swell Echo is a brand new design by Mattoverse Electronics, a new take on echo by a manufacturer who has demonstrated a special interest in this kind of effect.

Here’s the video shot of it:

We had the honor to shoot the first video of the Warble Swell Echo directly at our our NAMM 2018 Pedal Demo Marathon (all videos of new pedals released at NAMM can be found here).

The brand new Warble Swell Echo from Mattoverse Electronics is an analog voiced digital echo/delay with a dynamic foot-controllable Swell feature and gooey tape like modulation. Providing echo/delay times that range from short clean slapbacks to 800ms of warm analog-esque repeats and modulation that goes from subtle tape like flutters to seasick warbles, the Warble Swell Echo is sure to inspire.

  • Foot-controllable swell feature with swell rate control
  • Push-button modulation
  • Warm analog voicing
  • True-Bypass
  • Compact enclosure with pedalboard friendly top-mounted jacks

Learn more about this pedal in the manufacturer’s video below.