Bluesbreaker inspired

Jet Pedals Lamb Overdrive

Kasleder FX Toxic Twins Dual Tweakable Overdrive

Browne Amplification Protein V2.2 Dual Overdrive

Animals Pedal Diamond Peak Hybrid Overdrive

KingTone Heavy Hand Overdrive

Legendary Pedals: Analogman King of Tone Dual Overdrive

The Pedal Movie Exclusive: JHS Morning Glory Throwback (LTD Edition)

CeriaTone Horse Breaker Dual Overdrive

Jackson Audio Golden Boy Programmable Overdrive

Veri-Tone Azzurro Tube Preamp

Siren Pedals Juneau Bluesbreaker-Style Overdrive

Nordvang ’83 Drive – Klone + Blues Breaker Dual Channel Overdrive