Distortion Pedals

1981 Inventions DRV Drive/Distortion

Dirty Haggard 386 Distortion

Walrus Audio Eras Multi-Mode High-Gain Distortion

New Pedal: Fowl Sounds Backstabber 2.0 Distortion

RAT Pedals and Best RAT Clones in 2021 | A Buyer’s Guide

New Pedal: Blackstar Dept. 10 Dual Distortion

Dirty Haggard Beast Mountain Hi Gain Overdrive / Distortion

Blue Colander Tremond Distortion

New Pedal: Wilson Effects This Is The Art

Stone Deaf FX Q Boost/Distortion

Karma MTN 10 Mostortion Klone

BOSS HM-2w Waza Craft Heavy Metal Distortion